Friday, May 4, 2012

Who debates?

The World University Debate Championships, as the name suggests, is an international league. To give you a sense of its reach, here are some selected teams from the most recent (spring 2012) world ranking list (not the end-all, be-all list of teams, but a guideline for active, competitive programs).

Top ten:
Sydney Union (Australia)
Monash (Australia)
Yale (US)
Oxford Union (England)
Cornell (US)
Cambridge (England)
Vermont (US)
Colgate (US)
Trinity University Dublin Historical Society
London School of Economics

From places other than US, UK and Australia

12 McGill (Canada)
14 Ateneo de Manila University (Phillipines)
21 National University of Singapore
38 International Islamic University of Malaysia
47 Witswaterand (South Africa)
48 Leiden (Netherlands)
53 University of Belgrade (Serbia)
55 University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
64 Hebrew University (Israel)
66 University of Namibia
165 Brown

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