Saturday, May 5, 2012

What does a debate look like?

Here are a few sample videos of BP debate:

From the recent 2012 USUDC final round (US national championship) between (OG) Yale, (OO) Hobart and William Smith, (CG) St. Johns and (CO) University College Dublin Literary and Historical Society. The motion: "This house believes that coming cuts in USA military spending make the world a better place."

From the 2012 NEUDC final round (Northeastern Universities debate championship), between (OG) Regis University, (OO) Cornell University, (CG) Hobart and William Smith Colleges, and (CO) Colgate. The motion is "This house believes that supporters of a candidate should not criticize their policies during an election." 

The big dance: Worlds final round, 2010 in Koc University, Turkey. Some say this was one of the best debates in living memory. OG Harvard, OO London School of Economics, CG Oxford, CO Sydney. Motion: This house believes that the media should show the full horrors of war.

To get a sense of local competition, here's the final round from UMass Amherst. The King's College, NY (OG), Cornell (OO), Vermont (CG), Cornell (CO) Motion: "This house would pay reparations for slavery"

Also watch Prof. Steve Llano's vimeo feed--He posts new videos of rounds, lectures, public debates and other videos from around the world that can help improve your debate skillz.

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